Video: "Weddell Seals and a Massive Iceberg Event"

This video depicts the resilient Weddell seals of Erebus Bay in Antarctica's Ross Sea, and how they responded to a massive iceberg event that blocked access to some of their pupping areas in the past decade.  These seals are the southernmost mammal on Earth, and are the subject of one of the longest running population studies ever of a long-lived mammal. 

Video includes interviews filmed in Antarctica with Montana State University ecologists Jay Rotella, Bob Garrott, and Thierry Chambert. Footage and images contributed by Mary Lynn Price, Henry Kaiser, Jay Rotella, Bob Garrott, Don Siniff, Gillian Hadley, Rob Robbins, Steve Rupp, Jesse DeVoe, Glenn Stauffer, Jessica Farrer, Jen Mannas, and Thierry Chambert. Video editing by Mary Lynn Price. Opening music composed by Darren Roberts, piano by Rachel Carlson. 

A preview of this video first screened at the 2012 Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Special Cultural Event Program in Portland, Oregon. More info on the Weddell seal population study project at

Weddell Seals and a Massive Iceberg Event

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