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ComPADRE's Classroom Ready Collection consists of learning resources deemed by our editors to be of the very highest quality, and which meet strict criteria for inclusion: representative of evidence-based best practices; accurate in content; accessible at low or no cost; easy for teachers to implement in the classroom; pedagogically appropriate for intended audiences, grades 5 - 12 and introductory undergraduate; and aligned to national standards. The Classroom Ready Collection gives particular emphasis to multimedia learning objects, resources which include assessments and content support, and materials that promote active learning experiences. ComPADRE is a portal of educational resources and community services for teachers and learners of physics, astronomy, and physical science at all levels. ComPADRE is a collaboration of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the American Physical Society, and the American Institute of Physics.

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PBS Learning Media: Origins of Wave Energy
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This is a standards-aligned lesson plan for secondary education on the topic of mechanical wave motion. The lesson blends a six-minute video with a classroom activity that uses Slinky springs to model transverse and longitudinal waves. Explicit directions are given to support new or crossover teachers, including background information on wave energy and discussion questions. The resource was developed for use with the video "Making Big Waves", which may be freely downloaded for classroom use. Teachers' Domain, a network partner of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL), is a growing collection of free educational resources compiled by researchers and experienced teachers to promote the use of digital resources in the classroom.

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