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American Geophysical Union

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AMSER: Applied Math and Science Education Repository, Internet Scout Project
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AMSER: Applied Math and Science Education Repository Abstract:

The American Geophysical Union (AGU), which was established in 1919 by the National Research Council and for more than 50 years operated as an unincorporated affiliate of the National Academy of Sciences, is now a nonprofit corporation chartered under the laws of the District of Columbia. The Union is dedicated to the furtherance of the geophysical sciences through the individual efforts of its members and in cooperation with other national and international scientific organizations.

Internet Scout Project Abstract:

This Web site portrays AGU's role as a world wide scientific community devoted to the advancement of the "understanding of Earth and space for the benefit of humanity." Visitors can learn about AGU's numerous groups devoted to research in atmospheric and oceanic sciences, solid earth sciences, hydrology, and space science. Researchers will find information about upcoming meetings and how to submit abstracts. Everyone involved with publications may benefit from their ethical Guidelines to Publication of Geophysical Research. Interested visitors can also learn how to become a member of this longstanding nonprofit scientific organization.